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Branded tshirts and apparel support your marketing message


Microstores that embellish your brand.


We provide company branded microstores that enable you to offer logowear and promotional items to your customers, employees and partners with no inventory cost or hassle. 

Discover why smart businesses choose Swagopoly to manage their branded merchandise.

Apparel and promotional items embellished with your logo help extend your company's brand and show up in places where even digital marketing can't reach.

Use Cases

Microstores are a great way to open up new sales opportunities and expand into new markets. Here are a few popular use cases to spark ideas for your organization:

Swagopoly microstores a great solution for employee uniforms


Swagopoly microstores offer a simple and efficient way for organizations to provide uniforms, apparel, and supplies to employees without the hassle of manually collecting orders.

Use Case


A hospital needs an easy way to collect orders from its staff across multiple departments or locations, including scrubs, medical supplies, and branded apparel.

Swagopoly promotional products make memorable employee rewards and incentives


Employee recognition stores are a great way to motivate employees, stay connected with staff, and retain talent. Employee recognition was ranked the #1 most popular occasion to give corporate gifts in 2021.

Use Case


A company wants to reward employees and new hires with branded products to select from as a token of their appreciation, which employees can access via gift cards and/or a purchase order.

Company SWAG with a branded microstore


Employees love repping an organization they’re proud to be a part of. Swagopoly microstores give employees the chance to feel appreciated by being able to select from high-end, company-branded gear.

Use Case


A corporation wants to offer employees a chance to grab their favorite company-branded hoodie, t-shirt, backpack, and more.

Swagopoly microstores are perfect for fundraising


Fundraising stores give supporters a chance to rally around a meaningful cause and promote a specific fundraising activity. This can also help support local businesses and build lasting relationships in  the community.

Use Case


A local animal shelter wants to raise money from the community to help purchase food, toys, and medical treatments for its animals.

Swagopoly microstores are your brands retail storefronts


Swagopoly microstores allow businesses and organizations to sell their branded merchandise and apparel directly to the public, spreading their brand awareness and opening an additional source of revenue.

Use Case


A local coffee shop wants an easy way for customers to buy their favorite coffee mug, gift basket, or even a gift card to their go-to coffee spot.

Swagopoly promotional products make great corporate gifts


Swagopoly microstores are a convenient way for companies to provide customers and prospects with popular branded gifts. Giftcards control expenses while providing flexibility and choice to the recipient.

Use Case


A company wants to offer a top prospect an array of gifts to select from as a thank you for attending their sales pitch.

Send people to your microstore for holidiay gifts


Swagopoly stores are a great way to celebrate with employees before an upcoming holiday or to promote a special company event. Holidays and events are among the top 3 most popular occasions to give corporate gifts!

Use Case


An airline wants to reward its employees with high-end products to select from as a token of their appreciation for a successful year.

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Swagopoly microstores enables companies to easily offer promotional merchandise
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